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Making Big Breakthroughs In a Single Day

It's possible to get unstuck--to make radical breakthroughs--in a single day. This opposes the grain of our thinking. We're accustomed to believe that change, especially radical change, occurs at best over time and from great strain of effort.

As a psychotherapist with 25 years' clinical experience, I've seen something else. Change, even transformative change, can occur in relative flashes. But how?

Certain factors make "radical change" more

possible--factors that have interested me for decades. I now utilize these factors to promote radical change for my clients.

And I can use them to facilitate yours.

What is a radical breakthrough?

A radical breakthrough is a self-sabotaging attitude or pattern—any self-undermining rut you find yourself in--from whose grip you're ready to free yourself.

This could mean a whole new management of what impedes you. Or the relegation of it to a place that just no longer harms you (and your interests). Or it can mean the outright retirement, the outright "letting go" of it.

Making Big Breakthroughs in a Single Day

Let me share a discovery I've made. I often work (and work productively) in the traditional 45-minute psychotherapy-hour model. This is the conventional model of delivering psychotherapy services.

But as my consulting practice grew, clients began seeking my services from farther away. To accommodate them, I began (at their request) offering extended sessions--for two, three hours; sometimes for a half-day (four hours), or full day (six hours).

Offering what amounted to focused, personalized workshops, I saw them culminate in big breakthroughs--"radical changes" of a nature that rarely occurred in a single "traditional session" model.

Just as importantly--these breakthroughs persisted over time.[read more]

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